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I highly recommend this place:) It was my first visit here, the process were very smooth and quick! All staffs and Dr were very kind and friendly. They really care about my eyes even though I just went there for my eye glasses and contact lenses. Other places did not want to do extra but I felt that they care about me a lot! Not only the exam also dealing with my benefits from my insurance. So happy to find this place:)
3 days ago
- Lucy K.
I was very impressed with the professionalism and kindness. Every employee was great.
4 days ago
- Daniella D.
I went to eye center in April this year and they messed up my eye glass perception. When I went back to correct it I saw Dr Hannah Lynch. She was great. She corrected the perception and assured me I didn't need cataract surgery. I highly recommend this eye doctor.
6 days ago
- Rodney M.
My teen daughter has been wearing glasses since 2nd grade and we've visited several optometrist over the years. Our very best experience with an optometrist was at this office! The staff is so kind, patient and happy to help us. But most importantly, both office staff and our doctor were great at explaining all procedures, the specific eye health concerns and ALL of our options. There was absolutely no pressure to go with either option. Everything during the exam that was done was explained to us as to the reasons and benefits of all the procedures and what would be helpful in our case. Previous doctors would only state that her eye sight has gotten worse and she needs new prescription. They didn't bother explaining exactly how much worse, is the rate at which her sight is going worse normal? Are there any other eye health issues to take note off? Is there anything else that can reduce the rate of decreased vision? The doctor at this office gave me detailed answers to my questions and more. We felt valued and cared by this place and I would have come here even if my insurance didn't cover my visit because I value good eyesight and a doctor who cares to helps my daughter regain her vision in the best way possible!
1 week ago
- Ben K.
Optometry is one of those places we visit maybe one or twice a year. For that reason, an optometry practice has to get its patient care and customer service absolutely right, the first time, from the minute a person walks in the front door to the time he or she exits. Dr. Staples was very attentive and knowledgeable; she showed expertise in her practice and concern for me as her patient -- something that rarely occurs in tandem in many healthcare professions. Clinical staff members Lexi, Santiago, and Jordyn rounded off my visit and made it a pleasant experience. I'll be coming back.
2 weeks ago
- Robert
Love Dr. Gittins. Very personable and professional. Always takes all the time needed - never rushes. Rest of the office staff is great! The woman that helped me pick glasses after exam was very knowledgeable and helpful. The only negative with my visit was that the woman that helped me select glasses was wearing a strongly scented perfume that actually gave me a headache during our time together. Your office might consider a fragrance free environment - there are many fragrance allergic customers coming into your offices. Would have rated you 5 stars except for this issue.
4 weeks ago
- James B.
I have been struggling with dry eye for awhile. They have been such a tremendous, help! I will never go to another eye doctor after my experience. The staff is wonderful, nice and super helpful. Thank you.
4 weeks ago
- danielle k.

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