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Vision Therapy Online Assessment

Child reading, vision therapy at EYECenter Optometric in California

You’re just a few easy questions away from finding out if vision therapy is right for you. 

Are you or your child struggling with performance at work, school, or in sports? How about reading, or even behavior? It could all be due to a problem with functional vision.

Vision isn’t the same as eyesight.  You could have 20/20 eyesight and still face serious vision problems—even without realizing it.

Use our symptom checklist below to find out if a vision therapy evaluation is right for you.

For each affirmative answer, add one.  Tally all of your affirmative answers to obtain your score. 

Select all that apply: 

  • What's Next?
    Now that you have completed the checklist, if you have a score of 12 or higher, the next step is to set up an evaluation.
  • Please provide a telephone number, with area code, so we can contact you.
  • Please provide an email address so we can contact you.

A score of 12 or more indicates the need for a functional vision evaluation.

8-11 = Possible functional vision problem

12-17 = Probable function vision problem

18+ = Definite functional vision problem

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