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Complete, Personalized Vision Care In Sacramento
Since 1960

EYEcenter has helped XXXXXX  people see better

Since 1960, EYEcenter Optometric has served the greater Sacramento area. Our top-notch optometrists & office staff are proud to offer the Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Folsom, Gold River, and now Midtown communities quality eye care with a servant’s heart.

At EYEcenter, our doctors guide patients through a complete, personalized process designed to help them see clearly, track the health of their eyes, and make sure they’re happy with the way they look. Most importantly, we work to ensure they feel like more than just a number.

EYEcenter utilizes advanced technology and state-of-the-art optometry equipment in comprehensive eye exams that will pinpoint your prescription, diagnose the health of your eyes, and measure your eyes for a precise fitting. We are proud to specialize in myopia control, vision therapy, and dry eye programs. Our qualified and caring optometrists and staff will also help you choose from our diverse variety of quality frames and contact lenses.


Computers, smartphones and other devices force the user to focus and strain more than many other tasks. Learn more about how your vision might be changing because of it, during this time of living and working remotely.
Learn More about Vision in a Digital Age


Three out of five (60%) of those who have increased their screen time are concerned about the impact that it will have on their eyes. Among those with increased screen time, nearly half (45%) reported their eyes feel dry as a result of it. Blink away from your screen and get refreshed!
Dry Eye Solutions at EyeCenter

Vision Therapy Success

In a nutshell, vision therapy is focusing on the visual skills that are absolutely crucial for learning. Whether distance learning or in a classroom, these skills affect students' ability to comprehend and retain information and are not measured by how well they see at 20 feet (20/20). Vision therapy can help.
Remote sessions are available!
Learn more about vision therapy

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Get a jump start on finding your perfect look. Try on your favorite frames virtually, ahead of your visit! Note your favorite styles and call or click above to schedule an appointment. See you soon!
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