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Computer Vision Syndrome

Expert Treatment for this Contemporary Eye Condition

How much time do you spend each day in front of digital technology? Current estimates put the average amount of time per person at 6 hours a day! Ever wonder about the effects of this lifestyle on your eye health?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re viewing a computer screen, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device – all hi-tech equipment contributes towards the development of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). At EYEcenter Optometric, our Sacramento optometrists are knowledgeable about the symptoms of this common problem, and we’ll help bring relief from the irritations that it can cause.

Digital tech is all around us, especially in the modernized neighborhood of Sacramento, California . Our eye doctors, including Dr. Palmer Lee, Dr. Randall Fuerst, Dr. Todd Adair, and Dr. Thanh Tran, specialize in diagnosing and treating Computer Vision Syndrome with the latest medical approaches. The level of irritation from CVS is usually proportionate with the quantity of time spent before a computer. Symptoms range from mild to extreme, and your personal eye health also determines the effects of CVS. Untreated vision conditions, such as astigmatism, presbyopia, weak eye coordination and farsightedness can all increase the severity of discomfort caused by Computer Vision Syndrome.

Typical Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

All of the following symptoms can be experienced by people who suffer from CVS:

  • Dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Constant need to blink or rub your eyes
  • Eyestrain and fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain

What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

In sum, viewing a digital screen stresses your visual system. The font may not be sharp enough, and glare or reflections may diminish contrast between the background and text. The angle at which you view your screen may also strain eye muscles.

In addition, any uncorrected vision problems will obviously affect your visual performance. That’s why it’s critical to verify that your vision prescription is appropriate for computer use. Our Sacramento optometrists will examine your eyes and make sure that your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses provides the best eyesight possible for your needs. If you find that you need to lean forwards or tilt your head to see the screen better – it’s a warning sign that you need a vision test! Poor posture will also lead to back, shoulder and neck pain, which are all associated with Computer Vision Syndrome.

CVS Treatment in Sacramento, CA

There is no single cure for the symptoms caused by computer usage. However, we can help alleviate your discomfort.

Rearranging your desk and furniture may resolve your symptoms. We’ll help you figure out the best placement for your chair, keyboard, computer screen and reference materials. The lighting conditions in your room may also have a powerful impact on vision and eyestrain. Another tip to remember is to blink! Your eyes need frequent lubrication on their surface.

Computer Glasses

All digital devices emit blue light, which is defined as high-energy visible light. Blue light is one culprit behind Computer Vision. While research studies are still being conducted to determine the full hazards of blue light on health, it is known that overexposure to these light waves can be damaging to eye health.

Computer glasses are one effective way to block blue light and relieve Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms. Specialized eyewear is made in prescription and nonprescription types, so there are eyeglasses suitable for everyone. Customized tints, lens coatings and lens powers are used to protect your eyes against blue light, as well as enhance your vision when gazing at a digital screen. We offer a full range of computer glasses at EYEcenter Optometric, located for your convenience in the heart of Sacramento, California .

Managing Computer Vision Syndrome involves implementing techniques that work to reduce your symptoms. When you visit our eye doctors in Sacramento, we’ll perform a thorough eye exam, discuss your lifestyle habits and irritating symptoms. Together, we’ll design a treatment plan to restore your comfortable, quality vision while using a computer!

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