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Mahnoush Rafat OD

Mahnoush Rafat OD
Degree: Doctor of Optometry
School: MCPHS 2021, Worcester Massachusetts
Undergrad Education: B.S. in Biological Sciences, Portland State University
Specialty: Vision therapy/Sports vision therapy
Personal Hobbies: Photography, playing guitar, playing tennis, and hiking.
Where did your interest in optometry come from?
When I got my first pair of glasses as a child, I became fascinated with the eyes. I remember being grateful for being able to see every detail clearly; it improved the quality of my life. I knew then that I wanted to learn more about our eyes and help others with their eyesight.
I have been particularly interested in the field of pediatric optometry and vision therapy. I have a deep sense of responsibility for children and their future, and I am aware of the impact vision difficulties can have on them. Children are the future, and I believe instilling confidence in them at a young age can help them achieve their full potential through vision therapy.
During my pediatric rotations, I was surprised to learn that the majority of children struggle with eye tracking disorders, which result in a lack of comprehension and confidence in their reading abilities. Based on my experience, I have noticed the misconception that a child is lazy or slow, but often, one of the root causes of their learning difficulties is their vision. Providing pediatric eye exams and having a positive impact on children’s futures gives me great fulfillment.

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