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Our Patients Success Stories

Our Patients Say It Best

EYEcenter Optometric | Vision Therapy Services in Citrus Heights, CA

With doctor-prescribed, individualized vision exercises and activities, patients graduate from our program with a vast improvement in visual processing which often correlates with a heightened school performance and positive self-esteem.

Rico's Last Vision Therapy Session

Questions & Answers with Dr. Fuerst after Rico’s last day of vision therapy.

He’s noticed incredible improvement in his reading and visualization skills. We are so proud of him!

Morgan's Story

Morgan was struggling with reading. She and her mom couldn’t understand why it was so hard for her. Glasses weren’t helping the problem.

Then Morgan’s mom brought her to EYEcenter Optometric for Vision Therapy. Was it successful? Let’s hear them tell it in their own words.

Bryson's Vision Therapy Success Story

Bryson used to hate to read. He saw double. So his eyes couldn’t tell what to fixate on. His eye movements were skipping lines and backtracking to compensate for his double vision which led to issues with understanding what he read.

Then he came to EYEcenter for Vision Therapy. It turns out his eyes just needed some training!

Tammie's Vision Therapy Story

Another Vision Therapy success story! Tammie is a professor at William Jessup University who always loved reading, but had problems losing her place.

So she came to see us! Here’s her story.

Gavin Vision Therapy Testimonial

Gavin was a bright student, but when it came to reading he experienced lots of frustration. Then his mom brought him for a vision therapy assessment. Watch his story to see what happened next!

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