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Myopia Control

Let’s Give Kids’ Vision A Chance with Myopia Control

Written By Dr. Joe Lilley

Dr Lilley eye doctor folsom Myopia or Nearsightedness occurs when distance vision is blurry and kids cannot see the board in school. Rates of myopia have increased 66% in the last 30 years in the United States! Myopia has reached an epidemic of 90%+ in Korea and much of Asia. “Myopia Control” and “Orthokeratology Nite Retainer Contact Lenses” are now critical if you want to prevent the progression of myopia and other problems later in life.

In fact, the Lenses are so popular in Asia, it has become the Standard of Care. Unfortunately, in the United States it has been very slow to catch on. For years, parents have asked, “Why haven’t I heard about this before?” Well, it starts with Eye Doctors. At EyeCenter Optometric in Gold River, Citrus Heights, Rocklin and Folsom, we are ahead of the curve. More and more people are now coming in asking for Nite Retainer Contacts for their children and themselves.

Our Myopia Control-Prevention Program can keep most kids’ eyes stable so they do not keep getting worse. In many cases, our special Ortho-K Nite Retainer Lenses bring kids back to perfect 20/20 vision during the day if their Myopia is caught soon enough! Then, they can see perfectly all day without glasses or contact lenses.

As a youngster, my own eyes were getting worse and worse every year. I first heard about Ortho-K Lenses in Optometry School. They sounded great, just what I needed!! I decided to fit myself with them, and from then on, my eyes never got worse. In fact, those lenses brought my vision back to legal driving vision. Before that, I could not even see the “Big E” on the eye chart. Since that time, I have helped thousands of patients with Ortho-K Nite Retainers.

Dr Lilley optometrist folsomOne of my most memorable eye examinations occurred not long ago. A 10-year-old who was in for her eye examination had been wearing the Retainers for just three years. Her vision was stable, holding at a perfect 20/20. The interesting side note was that the little girl came in accompanied by her mother and grandmother, both of whom had also worn Ortho-K Nite Retainers for years!

Their journey started over 30 years ago when her grandmother came in for an exam because of worsening eyesight in Law School. She did not end up getting a pair of glasses, instead she went straight into our Ortho-K Nite Retainers and has enjoyed perfect, stable eyesight ever since. When it was time, she brought her daughter in, who also went right into the Nite Retainer Contact Lenses.

The little girl is the third generation enjoying perfect eyesight that is not constantly worsening year after year, like so many kids’ eyesight today. These special lenses are not just for kids.

When my wife, Lori, reached the dreaded bifocal age, she did not want to wear glasses, let alone bifocals, to see up-close. So, we left her with Ortho-K Lenses so she could enjoy excellent vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses.

Her vision has been stable and has not worsened in over 10 years. Remarkable success stories, and this is what makes eye-care so fun and so rewarding! EyeCenter Optometric is located on Sunrise Boulevard in beautiful Gold River and carries famous International frame brands. They also have personal shoppers to help you with all your needs and offer Flex Spending. For an appointment or further information, please call (916.852.1600).


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