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5 Tips to Avoid Dry Eye During Your Flight

dry eye doctor in rocklinIt is normal to encounter exceedingly dry eyes after a flight. Known for having an exceptionally dry environment, plane travel can create significant irritation to your eyes.

Luckily, eye specialists have highlighted various ways to lessen the risks of encountering these uncomfortable symptoms that present themselves as a major aspect of what is regularly called "travelers' dry eye."

5 Important Tips to Avoid Dry Eye During Your Flight:

  • Dehydration can aggravate dry eye. Make certain to have a drink close by all the time, making a point to drink regularly, starting the night before your flight, and all throughout your trip. Mixed refreshments and caffeine containing beverages, for example, tea, cola’s and coffee can increase hydration. Therefore, try to avoid them, and if you must drink them, make sure to drink additional clear liquids to make up for the fluid loss.
  • Artificial tears are a must-have in the protection against dry eyes. Having a supply on-hand in your carry-on bag and pocket book so you can apply them as often as necessary. This will greatly assist in managing dry eye during flight. Anyone with a case of chronic dry eyes ought to consult with their eyecare specialist before their flight to determine if they may require more powerful prescription eye drops for the flight.
  • Sleeping in-flight can likewise dry out your eyes. If you do sleep during your flight, make certain to wear a sleep mask. This will minimize the dry air that enters your eyes while you rest, decreasing the odds of dry eyes.
  • Wearing contact lenses in general can increase the occurrence of dry eyes. Thus, the likelihood of dry eyes during plane travel with contact lenses is almost unavoidable. For those who wear contact lenses, please consider wearing a pair of glasses amid the flight to greatly decrease this risk.
  • The air conditioning and heating vent located over the seats on the plane is likewise a source of dry air that is blown specifically onto your eyes. Closing this vent can significantly assist in preventing dry eyes.

For more information about how to spare yourself the distress of dry eyes on your next flight, call your Rocklin eye doctor today.


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