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Selene Lum O.D.

dr lum

Full name: Selene Lum

Hometown: Sacramento

Degree: Optometry

Earned from (school): UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Associations: California Optometric Association, Sacramento Valley Optometric Association

Undergrad education: UC Irvine

Personal hobbies: Hiking, Traveling, Cooking and Baking, Yoga and Pilates

Where did your interest in optometry come from? My interest in optometry came from a desire to be in a helping profession as well as having an interest in science. It combines a unique blend of physics, visual perception, and medicine, as well as fashion!

Do you have any personal stories relating to your interest in optometry?

Are there any industry specialties you have interest in focusing on down the road?
I have an interest in learning more about dry eye since it is such a common problem that people live with on a daily basis. It affects not only their comfort but their vision. I also have an interest in myopia control, a problem that is increasing in prevalence in children and society at large.

What does being part of EYEcenter mean to you? Every member of the team is an integral part of taking care of our patients and I enjoy being part of a talented, caring group of people who are committed to the well being of their patients.

What are you excited for in optometry during the years to come? I’m excited about studies regarding how nutrition affects the health of our eyes!

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