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Selene Lum O.D.

Full name: Selene Lum

Hometown: Sacramento

Degree: Optometry

Earned from (school): UC Berkeley School of Optometry

Associations: California Optometric Association, Sacramento Valley Optometric Association

Undergrad education: UC Irvine

Personal hobbies: Hiking, Traveling, Cooking and Baking, Yoga and Pilates

Where did your interest in optometry come from? My interest in optometry came from a desire to be in a helping profession as well as having an interest in science. It combines a unique blend of physics, visual perception, and medicine, as well as fashion!

Do you have any personal stories relating to your interest in optometry?

Are there any industry specialties you have interest in focusing on down the road?
I have an interest in learning more about dry eye since it is such a common problem that people live with on a daily basis. It affects not only their comfort but their vision. I also have an interest in myopia control, a problem that is increasing in prevalence in children and society at large.

What does being part of EYEcenter mean to you? Every member of the team is an integral part of taking care of our patients and I enjoy being part of a talented, caring group of people who are committed to the well being of their patients.

What are you excited for in optometry during the years to come? I’m excited about studies regarding how nutrition affects the health of our eyes!

Meagan Melissa Herring OD

Full name: Meagan Melissa Herring

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Degree:- Optometry Degree from Nova Southeastern University School of Optometry- Certificate in Business from Nova Southeastern University- Ocular disease residency at Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates in Havre de Grace, MD (through Pennsylvania College of Optometry). Currently working on my Holistic Health Practitioner certification trough Trinity School of Natural Health.

Associations:-Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry-Member of the Ocular Wellness and Nutrition Society-active involvement as a student in SVOSH and Student Optometric Practice Management Association.Undergrad

Education: Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo- BSc. in Vision Sciences from Nova Southeastern University

Personal hobbies: CrossFit, running, Yoga and meditation when I have the time!- Hiking, camping and outdoor adventure with my family.

Dr Herring is married and has 2 boys ages 3 & 6 moved from Clearwater, FL in 2017 with the US Coast Guard.

Do you have any personal stories relating to your interest in optometry?

I grew up in Canada where I had annual eye exams from a very young age. My mom took me and my sister to the only English-speaking optometry school in Canada where I really enjoyed having the eye tests performed by optometry students. Having that positive experience stuck with with me throughout my undergraduate education as a pre-optometry student at that same school.

Although I had plans to follow the pre-medical route vs. optometry, I became intrigued when I learned about the flexibility and family-friendly nature of this profession. It was then I decided to change course and begin applying to optometry schools.

Are there any industry specialties you have interest in focusing on down the road?

Definitely myopia control is on the horizon as we learn more about effective therapies for progressive myopia. Currently I am working towards becoming certified with the new MiSight soft CLs for myopia control. Holistic, integrated eye care, including homeopathy, herbology and iridology as they relate to whole body wellness.

What does being part of EYEcenter mean to you?

Having licenses across four different states in various modes of practice, EYEcenter is unlike any optometric practice I’ve come across. Being a part of the EYEcenter family to me means compassion, service and excellence in eye care. Everyone is extremely caring while the focus is truly on giving back to local communities. I am honored to have been welcomed into the EYEcenter family.

What are you excited for in optometry during the years to come?

I’m excited to see a shift toward a more integrated approach to eye health. The eyes aren’t just a window to the soul, but a glance at the status of the overall health of the body. As primary eye care providers, we are at the forefront of patient education in the prevention of disease, (whether it be eye-related or whole body), and abundance of wellness.

Joseph Lilley OD

Dr. Lilley earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Oregon and went on to complete his Doctorate of Optometry at Pacific University, College of Optometry in Forest Grove Oregon. He has been in practice since 1975 and recognized with the Orthokeratology Research Award from the National Eye Research Foundation. He has served as a board member of the International Orthokeratology Section and Vice President of the Sacramento Valley Optometric Association. California has been his home since 1978.

He was ‘blessed’ with poor vision as a child and decided at an early age that ‘seeing well’ was his passion. His vision continued to worsen as a child and he had uncomfortable contact lenses through high school and college. “In optometry school I figured out how to custom-fit contact lenses, fitting myself with my first-ever comfortable pair of hard lenses. Ahhhh!! After graduating he got a US patent on the technique.

When Dr. Lilley learned that you could improve eyesight with a non-surgical procedure called Orthokeratology, he again decided to use his own eyes and be his first case study. “Now we use Ortho-K Night Retainers not only to improve vision, but also to stabilize vision to keep it from getting worse. (Prevention!)” He has helped people from 34 different countries and 49 states in the US.

“It is really exciting to focus on prevention.” He wishes his doctors would have told him about Ortho-K when he was a kid…instead of increasing his prescription each year has his vision worsened. “We need to give kids a fair chance with their eyes. Myopia, or nearsightedness, has increased 66% in the last 30 years! Ortho-K lenses can make a huge difference. Every time I see a youngster come in after the very first night of wearing their Ortho-K Night Retainers, and take their lenses out and read the 20/20 line, it warms my heart. “

Dr. Lilley, your Gold River optometrist, has helped pilots, police officers, firefighters, and others who depend on their vision to qualify for their jobs without glasses for their work. “I love optometry; it allows me to connect with each person and find out what their specific needs are.” Dr. Lilley has 40 years of experience helping people of all ages with all types of eye/vision concerns.

He fit his wife 15 years ago with Ortho-K night retainers when she started to have vision issues. “When she told me, ‘I don’t want to wear glasses…Fix Me!’ I said OK.” She wears her night retainers to correct her vison while she sleeps and takes her contacts out in the morning to enjoy the day without contacts or glasses. “She is a happy camper!”

Dr. Lilley, an avid snow skier, credits snowboarding with finding his wife. They met snowboarding in Montana and married a year later windsurfing in Hawaii. “I’m a lucky man that she shares my enthusiasm for outdoor adventures.” In the winter they’ll often ski and board on the same day, “using different muscles so we can stay on the mountain longer.” They also enjoy snow shoeing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, camping. “Our time off is generally planned around one or several of these activities.”

They have a cat (who occasionally takes walks with them on her leash), 2 fish (that torment the cat) and a yard full of well-fed birds.

Ocular Specialties:

• Keratoconus

• Hard to fit contact lens cases

• Orthokeratology

• Myopia Control

• Bifocal Contact Lenses

Palmer N. Lee OD

Dr. Lee earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Optometry from Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon. His 40 years of practice have allowed him to specialize in the areas of Contact Lenses and Low Vision. He was honored with the award of Young OD of the Year for California in 1983 and is active among his piers as past President and current member of the Sacramento Valley Optometric Association, Editor of California Optometric Association magazine 1990-2000 and is on the Public Policy Committee for Vision Service Plan

Travel started early in life. His father owned 2 businesses, one in Norway and one in the US so they lived part-time in each country. On Sundoy Island in Northern Norway, 13 miles south of the Arctic Circle and in Poulsbo, Washington and a small Scandinavian town in the Pacific Northwest. His career choice also came early when he started wearing contact lenses in junior high school. “The Optometrist that I was seeing made quite an impression on me and encouraged me to pursue the field of Optometry.”

“When I first started practicing I had a patient that came in with Macular Degeneration. Because of the retinal disease, no one had prescribed glasses for her, in fact, she came in with a white cane. She had an extremely high prescription, with glasses she was able to see 20/40. I will never forget the tears of joy as she was able to see her families’ faces and read once again. Her life was changed that day and I knew that I loved being an eye doc and helping people.”

Dr. Lee’s greatest joys are being a husband and a father. They have five children, three adult children, two little ones and soon to be grandparents! After raising their own family, they decided to adopt two little ones that needed a mom and dad. “I laugh when I think that we have children ages 33 to 6. We could not be happier parenting again. Children have a unique way to look at life and hopefully, they will keep us young in our thinking and approach to life.”

You’ll also find that he volunteers and sits on the board for Youth for Christ. “I choose organizations to be involved in that help young people. They are our future.” Any spare time means riding bikes, working out and looking forward to when the snow flies in the winter. He loves skiing, has skied extensively around the world and even taught skiing while in college.

Dr. lectures on various optometry topics and invites his patients to ask their eye care related questions – he has a wealth of information!

Linda Rappa OD

Dr. Rappa completed her Bachelor of Science in 2000 from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY and her Doctorate of Optometry in 2004 from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA. Certified to treat glaucoma in the state of California and in January 2012 received a Medical Optometry Certification by the American Board of Certification in Medical Optometry. She has been in practice for 12 years.

“My favorite patients are those that have not been properly diagnosed or properly corrected and I can positively impact the quality of their lives with the correct care. My most rewarding cases are when I am able to make life saving diagnoses with an ocular health evaluation.”

Dr. Rappa grew up outside of Buffalo, New York and has called California home since 2006. She is dedicated to her profession and enjoys being a member of the California Optometric Association as well as current Secretary and past President of the Sacramento Valley Optometric Society. While other interests include being active in the Polish American Club of Greater Sacramento, most of her spare time is devoted to family, pets (2 dogs and 2 cats), hiking, camping, gold panning and traveling.

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We appreciate your patience as we deal with staffing shortages. We are not accepting walk-in traffic at this time and require appointments for all visits. You may also experience longer than normal hold times.