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Did You Know Your Eye Doctor Can Help Diagnose Parkinson’s?

Revolutionary RightEye Vision System is Now FDA-Approved to Detect Parkinson’s Disease

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease has always been based on the results of a range of neurological tests, and unfortunately, misdiagnosis is common. In fact, up to 60% of patients with Parkinson’s disease are misdiagnosed at least once, and up to one-third are misdiagnosed twice! Now, RightEye LLC, an award-winning company for healthcare technology, may be able to significantly improve the situation for patients.

The FDA’s Breakthrough Device Program recently granted RightEye LLC the first and only designation for a device that uses objective eye movement measurements to help evaluate for Parkinson’s disease. With this recognition, the availability of RightEye to eye doctors across the US is expected to increase dramatically. At EYEcenter Optometric, we are pleased to offer this progressive technology in our eye care offices in Citrus Heights, Gold River, Rocklin, and Folsom, California .

What does the RightEYE Vision System check?

In October 2018, the FDA gave clearance to the use of RightEye for recording, viewing, and analyzing eye movements for the purpose of detecting visual tracking disorders in patients. The detailed data that eye doctors have been able to assess from this noninvasive, five-minute test has been extremely valuable for revealing eye mobility deficiencies – many of which can indicate certain oculomotor and neurological conditions. RightEye enables eye doctors to objectively measure the quality of a person’s eye movement. Vision therapy and visual training sessions can then be custom-designed for each patient.

How does RightEye help diagnose Parkinson’s disease?

Studies have shown that people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease generally have persistent ocular tremors. These tremors usually appear at a very early stage of the disease, way before other symptoms present clearly. By using eye-tracking technology to identify ocular tremors, the RightEye Vision System can help to diagnose Parkinston’s disease at the very beginning. Our eye doctors in Citrus Heights, Gold River, Rocklin, and Folsom, California , are excited about the opportunity to play an important role in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

What other conditions can RightEye assess?

  • Identify binocular vision problems that can affect reading and learning
  • Provide baseline concussion tests
  • Monitor eye movements to detect vision and health issues
  • Monitor the effects of treatment and recovery
  • Enhance athletic performance by assessing vision strengths and weaknesses
  • Detect early signs of autism

RightEye at EYEcenter Optometric

RightEye’s eye-tracking tests give our EYEcenter Optometric optometrists a total, objective, and quantitative view of our patient’s visual health within minutes. The test results can be life-changing, and we’re proud to partner with RightEye in Citrus Heights, Gold River, Rocklin, and Folsom, California !

At EYEcenter Optometric, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 916-727-6518 or book an appointment online to see one of our Citrus Heights eye doctors.

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Why We Use RightEye for Vision Therapy at EYEcenter Optometric

See how RightEye can improve the way you live your life!

Our EYEcenter Optometric team is excited to join forces with RightEye to better evaluate, diagnose, and define visual processing problems in our patients of all ages. RightEye is a breakthrough technology that uses computer-based eye tracking software and equipment to identify muscle imbalances and assess eye movement.

Why is this information important? Because even if you think you see perfectly, you could still suffer from various eye health and visual performance issues that could benefit from vision therapy; your involuntary eye movements can be a strong indicator of these issues.

“Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight,” says our team of eye doctors. “Without vision, our balance, hand-eye coordination, reading comprehension, ability to drive, catch a ball—it’s all compromised. RightEye is an opportunity for patients to transform how they lead their lives and doctors to transform how they run their practices. And all it takes is minutes.”

Within mere minutes, RightEye can give our optometrists a wide, objective, and quantitative view of your overall visual health. Using this cutting-edge diagnostic tool, we will custom-design the most helpful vision therapy sessions possible to treat your vision condition.

Introducing RightEye

Our EYEcenter Optometric eye doctors can’t wait to introduce you to this state-of-the-art device!

“RightEye is computer-based eye-tracking software and equipment,” explains our team of eye doctors. “At EYEcenter Optometric, we use it to detect muscle imbalances and diagnose how the eyes are tracking.”

The RightEye system is an all-inclusive solution for testing visual function by tracking eye movements and relating them to various health issues. It captures pictures of eye movements 30-250 times per second! It is a compact unit, about the size of a laptop, and it can be operated with ease by all members of our optometry team.

RightEye records your eye movements and compares them simultaneously with a large cross-section of society to detect or rule out any problematic eye conditions. It can indicate visual problems related to brain health, reading, or sports performance. The non-invasive test takes only five minutes and provides immediate results.

How RightEye vision tests can be used

Eye tracking tests by RightEye can provide significant information to identify issues with functional vision. For example, it can:

  • Provide baseline concussion tests
  • Monitor eye movements to identify health and vision conditions
  • Improve athletic performance by pinpointing vision strengths and weaknesses
  • Track the effects of vision treatment and recovery
  • Identify the early signs of Parkinson’s disease and autism
  • Detect binocular vision problems that interfere with reading and learning

RightEye = A proven tool for optimizing vision & your life

As the first commercialized eye-tracking solution for your overall well-being, RightEye has demonstrated success when applied for optometry, medicine, and sports. At EYEcenter Optometric, our highly qualified optometrists and vision therapy professionals use RightEye to uncover troublesome issues with functional vision and brain health. Armed with this information, we will design the best customized treatment to transform your vision and radically upgrade how you live your life!

At EYEcenter Optometric, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 916-727-6518 or book an appointment online to see one of our Citrus Heights eye doctors.

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