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Draper James Logo

Draper James

Draper James is a lifestyle brand inspired by Reese Witherspoon’s Southern upbringing. The line aims to “emphasize Witherspoon’s southern roots and personal style” by bringing contemporary, yet timeless style to your wardrobe, no matter where you live. The name honors Witherspoon’s grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon.

Draper James Eyewear

Draper James Hello Sugar Pouch

Featuring details of stripes, magnolias and a hint of whimsy, the collection features vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist. Get your FREE gift with purchase through June 30, 2019 at EYEcenter, while supplies last!

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Draper James Flowered Glasses 640x640
Draper James Glasses on a Pink Striped Background 640x640

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