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Vivid Vision

What is vivid vision?

Vivid Vision uses virtual reality headsets like the Rift, HTC Vive, and DPVR P1 Pro to treat binocular vision issues like amblyopia, strabismus, and vergence disorders. Vivid Vision is intended to measure strabismus (eye muscle imbalance), to assess binocular vision (use of both eyes to see), and to treat suppression and amblyopia (dimness of vision without any apparent disease of the eye).

It is intended to be used when traditional treatments such as eye patching have failed. It requires direct supervision from a licensed eye care professional and is typically used in conjunction with other treatments and eye exercises.

  • Using a head-mounted display, your patient can sit, stand, and move around freely
  • Differential image rendering allows indepen-
    dent control of visual stimuli for each eye
  • irtual prism technology means all activities
    can be set to a patient’s angle of deviation
  • Vergence ranges and jump duction activities
    work to increase fusion ranges
  • Requires no filters, batteries, or large TV
  • Distance and near activities all in one device

Vivid Vision for clinics

productshot icon clinic

We provide vision therapy in the form of challenging video games with anti-suppression effects built-in, all while improving visual acuity, fusion ranges, depth perception, and more.

Our software toolkit gives the clinician access to a wide range of diagnostic and treatment settings, such as enabling monocular occlusion, manipulating contrast elements seen by the amblyopic and dominant eye, applying a blur filter to the dominant eye, and much more.

Hardware Specifications:

Custom-built, optimized for virtual reality and ready for future upgrades.

  • Touchscreen monitor for live control and
    patient activity mirroring
  • Custom Windows PC pre-loaded with Vivid
    Vision software
  • Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted
  • Oculus Touch dual-controller + tracker
  • Leap Motion controller, for tracking natural
    hand movements without gloves or gadgets.
  • Xbox Gamepad
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard

Sports Vision Training

Our dedicated Sports Vision module allows patients to work on eye-hand coordination, reaction time and peripheral awareness by tracking and engaging targets situated in 3D space.

Other sports vision tools use a flat screen TV that does not allow objects to appear in 3D. With Vivid Vision, the level of immersion created by a wide field of view with binocular disparity, coupled with the propriocep-tive feedback of low latency tracking of the head and hands, makes our approach among the most advanced on the market.

Hardware Specifications:

Advanced dual-hand, head and upper body tracking for maximal ocular-motor engagements

  • Sports Vision utilizes the same core setup
    as Vivid Vision for Clinics
  • The new Oculus Touch© controllers
    deliver unprecedented precision in
    tracking fingers, hands and arms in 3D
  • An additional (included) tracking
    camera increases the trackable area of
    play to 5’x5’, allowing for more full-body

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