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Rocklin (916) 945-9411

Midtown 916-249-8169

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Contact our eye care staff or request an appointment by filling out one of the forms below. Or email one of our eye doctors with your questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

We believe that providing quality eye care to our patients is a two-way street, so please let us know where we can make improvements or what kind of services you would like to see in the future. Your feedback is important to us.

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Citrus Heights:
Appointment Form | Phone: (916) 727-6518
Gold River:
Appointment Form | Phone: (916) 850-2089
Appointment Form | Phone: (916) 945-9411
Appointments Form| Phone: (916) 983-1066
Appointments Form| Phone: (916) 442-5126


  • Citrus Heights
    Schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor in Citrus Heights, California.
  • Gold River
    Schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor in Gold River, California.
  • Rocklin
    Schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor in Rocklin, California.
  • Folsom
    Schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor in Folsom, California.
  • Midtown Sacramento
    Schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor in Midtown Sacramento, California.

Call Our Offices

EYEcenter is committed to providing a healthy environment for our visitors and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the updates below regarding new office hours and closures.

EYEcenter Folsom will be closed starting Wednesday, March 25th. Tuesday, March 24th, materials will be available to pick up in Folsom until 5 pm. Materials may be picked up at the EYEcenter Gold River location after that date.

EYEcenter Midtown will be closed until further notice. Materials ordered from that office may be picked up at the EYEcenter Citrus Heights location.

The other three EYEcenter locations will be open for essential eye services and emergencies Monday through Friday from 9:00 am through 2:00 pm, also until further notice. We will continue to assess and update as necessary.

If you have material orders you would like us to mail to you, please give us a call . A $10 shipping fee will apply for items mailed from our office.



To view the current office updates, please click

Stay Safe!