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Preventing Eye Injuries With Proper Safety Glasses and Goggles

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Each year thousands of people injure their eyes, resulting in both short- and potentially long-term effects on their vision. These injuries can have a severe impact on a person’s comfort and quality of life.

This is why it’s so important to always wear proper eye protection while at work and at home to prevent these kinds of eye injuries.

Proper Eye Protection and Common Injuries

While prescription glasses or sunglasses may offer some level of eye protection, it’s best to use specific certified safety glasses or goggles to ensure the best eye protection.

Eye Injuries At Work and At Home

Common work-related eye injuries often occur as a result of small foreign bodies, such as metal or wood shards that may impact the eye during work involving cutting or grinding.

Eye injuries can also occur when working with chemicals either as part of a person’s workday, or cleaning at home. Cleaning products such as bleach are common irritants that may get into the eye and cause potentially severe damage. 

Eye Injuries While Playing Sports

Many sports can pose a high risk of eye injury as well. Our eye doctors have found that many of the most acute eye injuries are from being poked in the eye in the heat of the game, or taking a bump or blow to the eye either from the ball or from other players. Damage from these can easily be prevented if players wear sports goggles or glasses.

Whether at home, at work or out playing, proper safety glasses or goggles are the best way to protect your eyes. For more information on eye injuries and eye safety, and to speak to a qualified eye doctor about what eye protection fits you best, visit us today at .


Are face shields the same as safety glasses or goggles?

No. Face shields are not meant to be worn as the sole line of protection for your eyes against impacts or chemicals. Rather, they are supplemental protection for the entire face. Goggles worn underneath the face shield will block any vapor or liquid which may make it past.

Will all safety google protect me from chemicals?

No. Not all safety goggles are made to properly protect your eyes from chemicals. Safety goggles you get from the hardware store, for instance, may have holes drilled into the sides, making them inappropriate for use in situations involving chemicals and vapors.

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