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Dr. Herring on Dry Eye: Autologous Serum


Dry eye sufferers--listen up! Our own Dr. Herring knows what it’s like to deal with dryness--and find relief. Read on to hear more in her own words, posted as Mindful Optometrist on Instagram. (Give her a follow!)  Thanks for sharing Dr. Herring!

Scroll to see me creating liquid gold for my eyes from a vial of my own centrifuged blood, (aka autologous serum).⁣ These photos show me drawing and filling dropper bottles with my plasma, and the final product!


Ok, so maybe it’s not literally “liquid gold,” but if you’ve ever suffered from dry eyes, this stuff is pure magic. ⁣It’s also safe and effective.


⁣“Autologous”, means from the same donor, and “serum” is a mix of blood plasma that’s been diluted with saline.  So literally, personalized dry eye drops made from your own blood.⁣


Blood contains antioxidants, lipids, growth factors and proteins that mimic our own natural tears and work better at alleviating dry eye than artificial tears.⁣


Dry eye sufferers: re-think about autologous serum along with optimal nutrition, punctal plugs and foundations as a first line option for even the earliest stages of dry eye disease.

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