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Dr. Fuerst on dry eye and blepharitis: causes and treatment

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"Most people have no idea they have glands in their eyelids” says Randall Fuerst, OD FAAO of EyeCenter Optometric. “ These tiny glands are implicated in more than 86% of patients suffering from dry eye disease. Called meibomian glands, a typical person has between 70-80 glands in their upper and lower eyelids. We are alarmed at the substantial increase of meibomian gland disease , also known as blepharitis brought on by a host of factors. Among them are allergies, makeup, extended digital device use (which drops the blink rate by approximately 30%), dry environments, skin mites, rosacea, and a host of other contributing factors. I have been stunned at how many people have lost more than 50% of their glands, never to return.”In a recent post in the health care online magazine, Healio, they write:

Healio Highlights Blepharitis As A Common Condition That Needs More Attention

Healio Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (8/5, Yu) reports on blepharitis, also known as eyelid margin disease, which “is a common condition that affects all ages, ethnicities and genders.” Healio suggests that people need to take eyelid hygiene more seriously in order to decrease “the incidence of eyelid margin disease.” According to Healio, “Lid hygiene should be advocated as an essential part of the daily skin care routine, especially in the female demographic.”

“I am so pleased to see more attention being brought to this disease of blepharitis. Like almost all diseases, early detection and treatment can save a lot of pain and suffering if left untreated,” insists Dr. Fuerst.

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Here is the link to the article Dr. Fuerst references in full:

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