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Ensuring Safety on the Road for All – Modern Optometry

Dr Fuerst

Changes in visual and cognitive function can take a toll on older adults’ ability to drive safely, and even ambulate safely in their homes.  Optometrists play an important role in maximizing their patients’ vision as they age and helping patients and their families navigate decisions around visual function, independent living, and safe driving. Whether we prescribe different glasses, recommend cataract surgery, or use advanced new technologies to evaluate visual and cognitive function, optometrists stand on the front lines of helping an aging population navigate changes in their vision.

In the full article, which can be read here, EYEcenter's Dr. Fuerst offers very practical advice and tips for older adults.  From examing macular health, conducting annual eye exams, testing binocular vision, and performing various diagnostic tests, Dr. Fuerst will walk you through what a visit to the eye doctor should look like for a senior.  You can further benefit from his recommendations, particularly about moving his older patients away from bifocal or progressive glasses as a safety measure.

The full article, originally published by Modren Optometry can be read in its entirety at

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