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Are Kids and Contact Lenses a Good Combination?

Kids contact lenses

Is it safe and healthy for kids to wear contact lenses?

Many parents are uncertain about whether kids are good candidates for wearing contact lenses or not. The general answer is that yes, many children can safely and successfully wear contacts. However, it depends largely on the maturity and personality of the child, and not necessarily on age.

At EYEcenter Optometric, our Citrus Heights, California , eye doctor evaluates each child with a personalized eye exam and consultation to determine their suitability for contact lenses. The following issues must all be considered:

When can kids start wearing contact lenses?

Age is not the main determinant for when kids can start with contacts. Sometimes, young children – as young as eight years old – can wear lenses, but older teenagers cannot. The outcome depends largely upon your child’s level of responsibility. Some questions that parents should ask themselves include:

  • Does your child complete chores and homework without constant reminders?
  • Will he or she follow our eye doctor’s instructions for proper care of contact lenses?
  • Will your child be able to keep track of when it’s time to switch to a fresh pair of lenses?
  • Will he or she remember to remove the contact lenses before falling asleep for the night?

What type of contact lenses are best for kids?

Our Citrus Heights, California , eye doctor frequently recommends daily disposable soft contact lenses for children of all ages. Care is simpler, as these lenses can be thrown out regularly with no need to disinfect them. To preserve the lasting health of your child’s eyes, we only recommend high-quality, premium contact lenses from brand-name manufacturers. Cheaper types of contacts are linked with a higher chance of eye infection and injury. Don’t ever buy knock-off labels from inexpensive beauty stores or online shops!

What are the advantages of contact lenses for children?

If your child plays sports, contacts can be a superior form of vision correction. Even if your child’s eyeglasses are constructed with durable polycarbonate, the frames can break and lead to eye injury. A better solution can be to wear safety goggles over contact lenses. Not only is this combination safer, but it also offers wider peripheral vision.

Contact lenses can also boost self-esteem for kids who are insecure about their appearance in glasses. Studies have shown that lenses can help shy kids break free and socialize with more confidence.

An additional benefit of contact lenses is that they cannot be easily misplaced, forgotten about, or lost – like glasses tend to be!

What’s important to teach kids who are starting to wear contact lenses?

We encourage parents to remind their young children and teens that being negligent with contact lenses hygiene can be dangerous. When lenses aren’t cared for properly, they can lead to serious sight-threatening eye infections. At our Citrus Heights, California , eye care center, we will take the time to teach your child the correct ways to handle, disinfect, and store contact lenses.

At EYEcenter Optometric, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 916-727-6518 or book an appointment online to see one of our Citrus Heights eye doctors.

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