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A new way to treat dry eye at its source

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Dry, gritty eyes are no fun, and the effects they can have on your vision and quality of life are significant. Dry eye is one of the leading causes of patient visits to their optometrist. The lack of ability to produce enough quality tears to lubricate the eye can lead to discomfort and lowered quality of vision.

But a new method for the treatment of dry eye has come to our practice. In the past, many if not most cases of dry eye were addressed by treating a symptom--eye drops for better lubrication, warm compresses to relieve irritation. Today, EYEcenter is pleased to announce we have a way to treat dry eye at the source.shutterstock 244519447 (1)

Studies have shown that 86 percent of dry eye cases are actually caused by meibomian gland disorder (MGD). The meibomian glands are in your eyelids and produce the oil that protects your eyes from drying out. Think of a layer of oil on top of water--it creates a barrier and almost completely stops the evaporation process. The oil on the surface of your eyes works the same way--without it, the moisture in your eyes is exposed to air. The air will evaporate the water, leaving you with dry eye symptoms.

In some cases, the glands that produce this oil become blocked. Many things can cause the blockage, but once it occurs, the glands aren't able to expel oil to protect your eyes.

EYEcenter is excited to be able to offer a treatment for MGD that can unblock the meibomian glands. Studies show gland function increases 2-3 times with just one treatment. Better functioning glands equal more oil for your eyes and a road to relief from dry eye symptoms.

Read more about MGD and Lipiflow here.

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