Have you ever strained to see the little text in your email inbox or your Excel spreadsheets at the office? Learn how new designs in computer glasses can reduce eye strain and make that small print easier to see!

Come in today and let our talented opticians help you select a frame for your new computer glasses so you can stop squinting and having the computer screen sap your vision.

Be sure to ask about the new cutting edge bluetech lens technology that are bringing many eyes the relief they deserve from this screen intensive day and age.

According to VSP Optical Group, “Blue light is a high-energy wavelength of light that can damage your eyes over time. It is emitted from fluorescent lights as well as the screens of computers, TVs, tablets and smartphones. With the rapid increase in technology use in our daily lives, blue light is becoming a growing concern.”

Read more about VSP’s blue tech Blue Light protective lenses here: https://www.vsp.com/unity-lenses.html

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We currently do not carry Gunnar Computer Lenses.